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Chapter 76 Gabby's unrequited love

  • “Good thing you know.” She smiled and her phone started ringing. She answered after checking the caller ID. “Hello, Mom.” Hearing mom, Tanner looked up from his book. “Yes, Tanner is here.”
  • “Let me talk to him,” Laura asked and she gave Tanner the phone.
  • “Hello, Mommy!” Tanner called out with excitement.
  • “Tanner, my boy.” Laura was also happy to hear from him, if her husband had died in the crash, she never knew how she would have to her son about it, but she was grateful that he was happy.
  • “Mommy, you left without telling me, am I that unimportant?” Tanner asked picking offence as Triffany and the others looked at him.
  • “No honey, it was urgent,” Laura said softly, realizing how worried Tanner would have been at that time.
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