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Chapter 22 Domineering

  • Tanner was watching a movie in the sitting room when Triffany returned home. "Welcome big sister."
  • Triffany smiled to see her younger brother, she went close to him. "Tanner you're back from your school trip. How was it?"
  • "Awesome." Tanner got up hastily. "Wait for a second, I bought something for you." He ran upstairs and came back down shortly with his hands at his back. "Close your eyes Triffany."
  • Triffany obediently closes her eyes. "What's this surprise?" She asked curiously.
  • "Tada!" Tanner stretched his hands forward. "Open your eyes now." He was giggling when she did.
  • Triffany saw a little box in his hand and smiled broadly. "Woah! Chocolates." Triffany licks her lips.
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