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Chapter 55 Don't get the wrong idea

  • “Why?” Carlos furrowed his brow.
  • Gabby was happy to see his shocked expression. “So that you can have all the space you need…”
  • “I have gotten used to her noise and I’m no longer complaining.” He said seriously and Gabby flashed him her white set of teeth with a satisfied grin. “Hey, don’t get the wrong idea.”
  • Gabby raised her brow slightly and made a little dance with her shoulder. “I have already gotten the wrong idea.” She sticks out her tongue. “Don’t worry she’s not going to move out.”
  • Gabby was happy since this was the right time to get Carlos and Triffany to fall in love with each other, Triffany only has to know that Carlos was no longer with Kelsey. “Is she upstairs?”
  • “No, she went out since seven-thirty and is not back yet.” He knitted his brow as the thought of her out there this late with another man annoys him.
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