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Chapter 39 Restless

  • Carlos woke up the next morning, he stretched his hands and turned around to look at the couch but there was no one there, he sat up immediately, he looked around the room but didn’t see her.
  • He got up and went to check the bathroom, but no sign of Triffany. He brushed his teeth and took his bath. He got dressed into a well-tailored navy blue suit and walked downstairs for breakfast, he looked around and still didn’t find her.
  • “Where the heck did she go, it would be nice if I could make her frown a bit.” He muttered to himself as he sat down to eat the breakfast passed by the maids.
  • "Morning brother.” Gabby came over to the dining and pecked her brother's cheek before joining him for breakfast.
  • “Morning, sleepyhead.”
  • Gabby looked up at him. “I was awake before you.” She said simply and continue eating.
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