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Chapter 58 Get dressed else i would do it for you

  • Carlos sat on his bed the next morning as he stares at Triffany who was still asleep on the couch. She had ignored him all through last night.
  • "So much for sleeping together." He sighed and walked close to her. He sat down across the couch she lay and watched her.
  • Triffany opened her eyes as if knowing someone had been staring at her, she was surprised to see him there. "You're up." He asked with a thin smile.
  • Triffany sat down and yawns with her eyes closed and facing Carlos. She opened her eyes and stretched her arms. She looked at Carlos who still has his eyes on her.
  • "You don't have to watch me sleep. A lady who loves a man wouldn't dare to yawn in his presence." She felt that he was doing all he was doing because of her confession yesterday.
  • "And about yesterday, it is a dream to me." She got up from the couch to leave.
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