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Chapter 47 I have a plan

  • After some ton of question, the lady smiled at Triffany, flashing a white set of arranged teeth, the first smile from this lady Triffany had seen. “Congratulation Triffany Joey, you’re in.” Triffany covered her lips in joy. “You should have some time with your appointed Director, Director Kammy.” Triffany walked out of the hall.
  • “Congratulation.” Director Kammy came out of the hall and smiled at the happy Triffany.
  • “It is all thanks to you.” Triffany bowed her head slowly.
  • “I’m sure you put in your best effort this time.”
  • “Thank you, Director Kammy.”
  • “Follow me, you should meet someone.” Kammy walked down the hallway with Triffany behind, trying to keep up with him.
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