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Chapter 70 Does he care?

  • As they stepped outside the hospital Carlos stopped Triffany, he bends down and ties her shoelaces which were still loose. Triffany looks down at some surprise.
  • "You can't even do a single thing right." He told her and got up after tying it.
  • Triffany scoffed. "I was in a hurry that's why." She looked at him. "Why were you being so nice in there?" She asked him, he acted like a lovely husband when he was with her parents.
  • Carlos shrugged and rolled his eyes. "That's because am nice." Who believes this liar, Triffany sighed. "You didn't have to put on the pretence, because you're not nice at all." She told him.
  • "Please Triffany." Carlos looked at her. "Enough of your dramas, we have to go pick your brother, he must be worried by now." Carlos reminded her.
  • She looked at him. "As if you care." She rolled her eyes. "We're family". She uses his tone of words. "You can stop acting right now."
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