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Chapter 102 No one will take you away from me

  • He dialled a number on his phone and lift the phone on his ear. "Eric, I put you in charge of watching my sister."
  • "Oh come on Carlos." Eric said from the other side of the line which was a bit noisy. "Can't you put someone else, I and Gabby don't really go along, and I am quite scared of her."
  • "I'm sorry Eric for putting this on you, Gabby won't suspect anything if you are by her side, if I put a guard on her, she will be so pissed, and you know what happens when she get pissed."
  • "Yeah sure I know, the last security guard you asked to watch her, got his hairs pulled out, that means I am next in line, and don't think Gabby won't suspect a thing, sorry to say this, but Gabby seems to have an invisible eyes, am already having goose bumps."
  • "Please, do this for me Eric, you are good at martial art, and Blake is at New Zealand at the moment." Carlos looked over at the beach, all he want was everyone's safety.
  • "Okay, fine, but I kept a note on my desk, just incase I don't come back alive." Eric said softly and hang up, he looked over to the left corner of a bar, and there Gabby was, drinking alcohol. "Okay Eric, this is it." Eric rubs his palm together and made his way to Gabby.
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