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Chapter 48 Stay away from me!

  • Gabby sat up at the dining chair and puts down her napkin. “I would ask Triffany about the company she’s working in, I’m sure Carlos don’t know about the company, I will make her keep it a secret from him and then I would let you know the company she’s working with, you will then make Carlos sign a contract with them.” She looked up at her grandparents. “How did you see my plan?”
  • “You’re smart Gabby.” Bailey gave her a thumbs up with a cute smile.
  • “Thanks, grandma.” Gabby smiled and then turned to her grandfather to hear what he have to say about the plan.
  • “But Carlos is smarter and he can’t be fooled, who told you Carlos don’t know the company she will be working in.” Ethan looked at his granddaughter. “Gabby your brother has a high IQ and we shouldn’t interfere.”
  • Gabby pouts. “Is this coming from you, grandpa? ‘We shouldn’t interfere’ I’m surprised, grandpa. You interfered in his relationship with Kelsey and now you’re saying we should not interfere.” Gabby said sarcastically.
  • “Gabby I know what I’m saying, Carlos was blinded by the love she had for Kelsey, I had to make him understand.” Ethan sips his wine gently.
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