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Chapter 78 Get ready for a divorce

  • Stay away from me!
  • This word keeps playing in her mind till she arrived at her cousin’s apartment. After work Triffany couldn’t go home since she knew how angry Carlos was.
  • “Triffany, what’s wrong?” Allison who saw how gloomy and pale her face was, asked. And looking closely you can see that she had cried a lot.
  • Triffany sat down and started sobbing again. “Allison, I did wrong.” She said with a choked voice.
  • “How, Triffany?” Allison sat next to her.
  • “Now Carlos will never love me.” She cries. She had hoped that one day Carlos will love her, that soon he will fall in love with her, but now, with what he witnessed, he will never do that. “He will divorce me.” Triffany closed her eyes as tears rolled down her cheek.
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