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Chapter 99 The Wife Behaves Strangely Around Us

  • Her voice was calm, but for some inexplicable reason, it gave them the feeling that a storm was coming. The few looked at each other, and someone mustered his guts as he said, “Boss, I think I did.” Pretty well. Under Nicole’s gaze, he quietly swallowed back the latter part of the sentence. Nicole let out a half smile. “Austin did the best of all of you. He got half the question right.” When she said that, everyone looked at Nicole in astonishment. All of them thought they could get full marks! Austin, on the other hand, was rather flattered. He did not expect to be doing the best among all of them, and after snapping back, he looked gleefully at the rest. Although everyone’s results were pretty crap, Austin was the worst of the lot. Yet, now Nicole said he did the best, and not only did that build up Austin’s confidence, but it also sparked the fighting spirit in the rest. Seeing that everyone was looking at her with a buming gaze, a glint appeared in Nicole’s eyes. She handed the question sheets back and explained to everyone where they went wrong.
  • She pointed out the traps in the question and how to read the question to have a higher chance of getting it right. After listening to Nicole’s explanation, all of them realized what went wrong as they hissed at the silly mistakes they made. They were just a tad bit away from actually scoring points. Everyone was now inspired. Nicole’s clear methods aside, her thought process was very different too, and she will give examples, making a very complicated matter simple enough so that total knuckleheads like them could understand the question. They could not help but start doubting the news they saw in the school forum. Whoever said Nicole was bad at studying? What they saw now was nothing like that. After digesting this part of the content, Nicole started to circle points on the textbooks again, repeating the process of asking them to memorize the topic. In the process, everyone had a new understanding of the boring knowledge in the book. They even felt that there were interesting connections between different contents in the book, and these were inseparable from the order of points Nicole made them go through.
  • Nicole went through the textbooks and realized that Austin and Co. could not understand them because the contents varied in difficulty and the sequence was even more chaotic. Some parts were pretty basic, but they were placed after much more difficult contents. This inevitably increased the student’s learning difficulty and tore away the graduality and smoothness between knowledge bits. The topics that Nicole got them to look at were slightly more difficult than the last, but there were logical connections between the two topics. That made the learning process particularly easy, and it was easier to get them into the groove. Plus, the questions she put forward for each topic, along with a detailed explanation, made it deeply attractive to everyone. Soon, they were getting more and more parts right, and as the sense of accomplishment swelled, they were even more committed to learning. Nicole was so enthusiastic that she did not notice that, from the opposite side of their room, someone was looking through the glass at them.
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