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Chapter 47 The Wife Behaves Strangely Around Us

  • Jared saw that Nicole had no intentions of talking to him, so he said, “Sure, we’ll meet him someday then. I’ve got something to do, so I’ll be leaving now.” Jared then fixed his tie and got up before turning and leaving dashingly. Max was the only one who knew that his boss was a little upset. After Jared left, Nicole only looked up to see the back of his figure. For whatever reason, she suddenly found his sulking expression interesting. She stopped smiling, shook her head, and continued reading while drinking her coffee. The sky turned dark in the blink of an eye, and Nicole finally decided to go back to her dorm to rest. She kept her book away and got up after leaving a banknote on the table. Before leaving the café, she saw Raine bringing Gary into the premises. Nicole could not help but smirk, as she did not expect Raine to show up at the café after being humiliated here.
  • Gary also saw Nicole, and he got a little angry as he thought about her rejecting him earlier in the afternoon. So, he did not start a conversation with her, though his eyes were still following her around. Raine’s expression turned hideous as soon as she saw Nicole. Gary had been treating Raine exceptionally well these days. She knew that Gary was very interested in this café, so she tried her best to bite the embarrassment bullet she got from the slap last time. She managed to get Gary to come with her, but who would have known that Nicole would appear everywhere?! When Raine watched Nicole walk past her and the cashier, leaving without paying, she could not help but mock Nicole. “How could you leave without paying, Nicole? You country folks are really uneducated. You’re trying to avoid paying even when you’re in full view!” Nicole just rolled her eyes at Raine. She paid no heed to her and pushed the door open. Raine saw Nicole shaking her head, so she thought Nicole was trying to leave without paying. She immediately rushed over to the man at the cashier and said, “Hey! Do something about her. She’s trying to leave without paying! You’re lucky I saw it!” Nicole had insulted Raine last time, so Raine wanted to embarrass Nicole to the point where she could not bring herself to get her coffee from this café anymore! Unexpectedly, the cashier only gave her a polite smile.
  • “That lady is Miss Riddle, and she’s our café’s VIP. She doesn’t have to pay for anything here. As for you, Missus, you’ve already been blacklisted by our café. The café owner doesn’t welcome you. Please leave.” “What?” Raine was trembling with anger after hearing his words. She did not expect Nicole to be able to dine in here for free so easily, but she was chased out even when she wanted to spend her money here! “How do you run your business? Do you know who I am? How dare you blacklist me?! Do you want your business to close down?!” The cashier, who was polite to her, immediately changed his attitude upon hearing her remarks. “I don’t care who you are, but the rules of our café remain! Don’t act so atrociously here, or you will pay for it!” Two big-built bodyguards appeared behind the cashier after he was done speaking, staring down at Raine. Raine wanted to continue speaking, but Gary could not stand being in such a humiliating situation anymore, so he just turned and left. He had never been rejected by anyone since he was young. Raine was really embarrassing him! Raine panicked when she saw Gary leaving, so she immediately ran after Gary after shooting the cashier a glare. “Gary, wait up.”
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