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Chapter 10 The Wife Behaves Strangely Around Us

  • Upstairs, Nicole had taken a shower and gotten changed, finally getting a moment of peace. With nothing to do, she turned on her computer. After fiddling with the normal Windows interface for a while, a mysterious window popped up, revealing a list of The Hunter jobs inside. Looking at the list of jobs, a head portrait flashed in the private chat window. She clicked open it and saw the teammate codenamed Specter talking to her. Lucky, you have been offline for many days. [Where have you been?] [Just living a few days of normal life,] Nicole calmly replied. You have been on the wanted list online. [I can’t believe that you can still enjoy a normal life.] Specter showed her a few screenshots.
  • While she was away for the past few days, someone had pinned an order at the top, and she was the target. [Isn’t that common?] Nicole smirked, not taking it seriously. In the dark web called The Hunters, whether it was The Hunters Union or a lone Hunter, it was common to offend someone for taking on certain jobs. Most of the jobs she had accepted this year were big cases, and it was normal that she was now wanted. [Common? Didn’t you see the bounty? [It is $10 million!] Specter attached an emoji that showed as if he was about to crawl out of the screen. [Oh, yeah?] Nicole clicked an icon, and sure enough, she saw the reward of the job, which was the highest reward of this year.
  • It seemed that she had stepped on someone’s toes, and that person was offering a $10 million bounty to come after her. That was interesting. If she was not the one being wanted, she would have taken on the job. “Oh, yeah? You should lie low from now on and don’t expose yourself.” Nicole looked at the screen and replied sarcastically, [Worry about yourself. [The entire world knows that you and I have worked together.] She was confident of staying undetected, as no one had found her for so many years. Specter was her partner, but she was not sure how well Specter could hide. [Damn it! You just reminded me; I almost forgot. I had better stay offline from now on. Take care.] Specter went dark right after. Nicole shook her head at Specter’s nervousness. It was she who was wanted, not Specter. Nicole let out a sigh and continued to browse through the list.
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