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Chapter 57 The Wife Behaves Strangely Around Us

  • Norah’s expression stiffened as she realized he had dug a hole for herself. Spencer had also sensed something, his face stern. “Whatever the reason, Norah, you are to keep your distance from them from now on.” “Absolutely.” Samuel also agreed. There was nothing Norah could do, and she could only reply reluctantly, “I got.” ‘D*mn Nicole! You shall see. Even if I stay away from them, I have a way to get Snow and Raine to target you!’ Nicole quietly sneered as she saw Norah’s indignation. Snow, Raine, and their cohorts were targeting her for no reason – she knew there must be someone behind this. Norah was supposed to hate Uncle Dillon’s family, yet she got so close to them. It did not take a rocket scientist to figure out what Norah was Half an hour later, they had finished their meals, and Spencer and Samuel went to make payment at the cashier. Nicole and Norah went out first to get some fresh air. Norah had been sulking and was in a terrible mood to see Nicole. At this point, a drunken man came out behind her and slammed into Norah.
  • “Yikes!” Norah nearly fell from the bump. The drunken man looked up. Seeing Norah wearing a red dress, he leched after her. “Wow, your moan is so alluring. Why not have fun together, eh?” The man let out an evil smile as he walked toward Norah. Three to five guys, who looked like rich kids and were also drunk, came out after the first drunken man. Ordinary folks were too afraid to mess with them. So passersby were keeping their heads low, pretending not to see it. “You-you all don’t come near me!” Norah was terrified and hid behind Nicole without having time to think. The men saw Nicole-she was more beautiful than Norah-and their eyes lit up in an instant. “She is pretty! Hey beauty, are you waiting for someone? Do you want me to accompany you?” Nicole looked extremely disgusted, wondering why she kept encountering such disgusting men today. She glanced back at Norah behind her with the corner of her eyes, feeling like pushing her back out and letting her deal with the problem by herself. But at this time, that man had already leaned over and leered at Nicole.
  • This wasp’s waist and legs-Oh my God, you are absolutely stunning! Beauty, shall we go?” With that, he reached out and touched Nicole’s face. Nicole tilted her head to avoid his hand. Just as she was about to make her move, Samuel’s angry voice came from behind. “What are you going to do to my sister?” “Samuel!” Norah spun around and ran up to Samuel for help and comfort. But Samuel and Spencer did not have time for Norah. They dashed over and shielded Nicole behind them. Norah at first wanted their protection, but now she ended up being outside their protective circle instead. It hurt her to see this. Once upon a time, she was her brother’s favorite. But now that they were in danger, her brothers had only Nicole in their eyes. Even those lewd men had long forgotten her existence and leered at Nicole with their eyes wide open.
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