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Chapter 265 The Wife Behaves Strangely Around Us

  • In the face of her attitude, Ms.Thompson's temper flared. She stared icily at Nicole as she raised her voice. "You have the cheek to ask: What did you do?" You are causing trouble here and affecting other people's studies. Do you not know that the exam is next Monday? I want to see what sort of grades you'll get.Should you dare to receive a zero on the mock test, be prepared to face expulsion!" Nicole looked at Ms.Thompson's stereotypically serious face. If it was just her face alone, no one would expect this meticulous teacher to be corrupt. Furthermore, this teacher exploited her position of power for personal gain. When Nicole thought of this, she felt a little ridiculous. She raised her eyebrow a little and tossed aside all pretense of politeness.
  • "Just wait for the results, then." All the talk about her impact on the results was just an excuse for Ms.Thompson to come and pick a fight with her. Initially taken aback by Nicole's words, Ms. Thompson hissed irritably, "Who doesn't know that Class B is no match for Class A? No matter how you try, you cannot surpass them. I know this very well. No one expects you to improve your grades. "Instead, it'll be more than enough if you don't hold everyone else back!" She thought that when Nicole talked about the results, it was for her to see if Class B's performance had regressed or not.
  • Class B's performance is many times worse than that of Class A. Nicole is just shirking responsibility. I don't want to listen to her at all. ‘ She sure is cunning! She actually wanted to use the class average to hide her personal shortcomings!' Ms.Thompson thought that she had seen through Nicole's tricks and was awed by her own intelligence as she looked at Nicole with even more contempt. ‘No matter how smart Nicole is, she cannot escape the palm of my hands." Thinking of this, Ms.Thompson frowned and wanted to say something else, yet before she could open her mouth, Nicole's calm voice rang out instead.
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