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Chapter 8 The Wife Behaves Strangely Around Us

  • Norah was visibly unhappy, her teeth nearly digging into her lip. She had to put on a phony, sweet smile. She trailed after the two. When they returned home, the three of them discovered a fancy automobile that they had never seen parked before. Up in front of the door. Gloria entered the house with her two girls and noticed a well-dressed man seated. I came upon Daniel. Even if the man was not looking directly at them, his amazing appeal made it hard for anyone to remove their gaze from him. Norah had never seen such an attractive man before. She went up to Gloria and shouted, "Mom, who? Is that the person? Gloria shook her head and headed inside.
  • "Hey, Daniel." When Daniel spotted Gloria and his girls, he immediately stood up and introduced them. "Jared, this is mine. wife, and this is my youngest daughter. Daniel's expression of adoration was clear when he presented Nicole to Jared Johnston. Norah waited for Daniel to introduce her, but he didn't even look at her. Jared's frigid gaze traveled over the three of them before he got up and nodded at Nicole. “Hello, "I am Jared." Jared's statements stunned Gloria and Norah. The bond between the Johnston and Riddle families lasted for several generations. Mr. Johnston Sr. and Mr. Riddle Sr. had arranged a marriage plan for their grandkids in the early years. Jared was the fiancé Norah had heard about but never met.
  • Jared has been I've previously studied overseas. She had no idea that, when Jared returned to the nation, she would no longer be his daughter. The Riddle family. When Norah noticed Jared glancing at Nicole, jealousy blossomed into thorns in her heart. She felt pain even when breathing. Nicole was solely responsible for failing to return on time. Otherwise, she would be the only one. Jared has noticed now. "Nicole." Nicole just answered with her name and said, Nothing else. Gloria felt embarrassed but assumed Nicole had just returned, not knowing who Jared was. So, "Nicole's is simple and straightforward," the speaker swiftly said. I hope you don't mind. Jared couldn't help but take another look at Nicole. "It is okay. I admire such a straightforward personality.
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