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Chapter 89 The Wife Behaves Strangely Around Us

  • Nicole had never been afraid of anyone, but now she was as nervous as hell. She could barely hear what the teachers were teaching in class today as her mind was filled with Jared. After that day, Nicole no longer dared to go to the café again. Before she could figure out how to solve the problem, she had better lie low. For five days, Jared did not see Nicole. Thinking back to the last time, he did not remember he had ever said anything wrong to her. So why did this little girl ignore him? She even ignored his messages, informing her of the new coffee arrival. Could it be that coffee did not work for her either? Jared sat depressed in the café, looking at his phone. Nicole really did not reply to his messages. Max was seeing Jared like this for the first time. Since the day before yesterday, Jared had been in a bad mood. Every day, he came to the café, sat there, apparently waiting for someone. But Nicole never appeared again, seemingly disappearing from this world. Seeing that it was already dark outside, Jared suddenly heard someone entering the door.
  • He thought it was Nicole, but it turned out to be Norah. Jared’s expression turned icy again. Norah had been sending him a text message every two days, and he ignored them all. Now she came looking for him at the café. “Mr. Johnston? I didn’t expect to see you here. What a coincidence.” Norah cheekily pretended to meet him by chance. In reality, ever since she knew Jared owned this café, she had been coming here very often. But every time she finished her homework and came, Jared had left. But today, Jared was still here. It looked like her persistence had paid off. “Coincidence? A staff member at the counter desk said that you come every two days, don’t you?” Jared questioned her bluntly. He was not interested in Norah. Norah was embarrassed but quickly calmed down. “I can’t help it. The coffee here is so good. I like the coffee here, just like Nicole does.” Jared’s expression eased up at the mention of Nicole. “Nicole said she liked the coffee here?” “Yeah.” Norah let out a smile. “Can I sit down and talk, Mr. Johnston?” Jared frowned, but in the end, he did not refuse.
  • “Sit down, please.” “Thank you, Mr. Johnston.” Norah was almost ecstatic, unconsciously fiddling with her hair and staring at Jared as she sat down. But Jared was unimpressed and ordered Max to serve Norah a cup of coffee. He then asked,” What is Nicole doing these days?” He was really curious why Nicole did not come to the café. But he did not realize that his questions had sent Norah a blow. At first, Norah thought Jared was interested in her when he let her sit down, not expecting that he was actually asking questions about Nicole. Suppressing her disappointment, Norah forced a smile. “She scored zero in the Math Olympiad test the other day and is desperately trying to make up for it. After all, the monthly exam is just around the corner. She may fail if she does not work hard.” Norah sounded like she was concerned about Nicole, but all she said was about Nicole’s shortcomings.
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