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Chapter 48 The Wife Behaves Strangely Around Us

  • Lulu knew that Nicole did not log on to the school forum very often, which meant that she did not know about these things. Nicole heard her and pulled out her phone to check the school forum. She immediately saw the post with a picture of herself with a cold expression and Snow, who was wiping her tears from the corner of her eyes. The picture was taken from a very good angle, showcasing Snow biting her lips and her eyes reddened. How pretty. The comments were basically insults against Nicole, saying that she had gotten too full of herself after being the beauty queen and started to bully Snow. Additionally, some people were so extreme that they were sending death threats, saying that they would kill Nicole to avenge Snow, which obviously showed that they were Snow’s fans. Nicole thought about the incident and realized that this picture was taken when Snow was telling her that she would not cause trouble again. So, in the picture, there was Snow’s worried expression. Back then, Nicole had already felt like Snow was too much.
  • She did not think that someone would take a picture of that scene. Was not everything too coincidental? Nicole continued to scroll down and actually found Snow’s response to this matter. ”Don’t talk about Nicole like this, guys. She’s pretty, so it’s natural for her to be arrogant. I’m really fine. Thanks for all your concerns.” Snow would die before she admitted that Nicole was prettier than her. She was even gritting her teeth in anger when she thought of Nicole’s face as she typed that comment. However, her reply indicated that Nicole had really bullied her. So her fans were all heartbroken for her, saying that they would definitely make Nicole pay. Even the people who did not know what happened were criticizing Nicole. Nicole arched her brows when she saw this. ‘Snow really knows how to play the victim card,’ Nicole thought. However, this could explain where the rock that was aimed at her came from. Nicole figured that the boy was Snow’s fan, so he was just avenging Snow. Nicole refreshed the school forum and noticed that some people were still fishing for her background and her personal details.
  • But their skills were too weak, so they could not even break the first firewall she set up. Since the top students in school could not search for anything about Nicole’s background, they were all saying that Nicole had no history at all, so she did not deserve to be crowned the beauty queen! Nicole read those words half-heartedly as she rubbed her damp hair in her towel. Her fair arm was exposed under her bathrobe, so she looked even more ethereal with the contrast of her soot-black hair. She looked at the posts expressionlessly, as if the discussions were not about her. Lulu could not help but ask from the upper bunk, “Nicole, everyone is going crazy on the school forum, saying that you’re not on the same level as Snow and that you don’t deserve to be the beauty queen. What are you going to do?” Nicole responded lazily, “Nothing much.”
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