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Chapter 53 The Wife Behaves Strangely Around Us

  • Jared thought for a moment and then turned the computer around toward him. But after checking everyone’s computer, he found nothing suspicious. ‘Lucifer is really not among these people. So, where will she be? The coordinates can’t possibly be wrong.’ “Check the surveillance camera and find out those who have come to the café and used a computer today.” Jared clenched his fists, hating himself for coming too late. He was only one step from catching the elusive Lucifer. “You got it, Mr. Johnston.” The waiter quickly used his in-ear device to radio others, and everyone got busy. At this time, Nicole was already on her way back to the dormitory. Since she did not get any reply, the other side must have suspected her. So she quickly deleted the proxy account and left the café at once. Since she left the Riddle family, she had been suspecting that the other side was going to pull the same trick to find her coordinates. So she added a new program to the second firewall of her computer to slow down the other party from tracing her coordinates.
  • That meant, even if the other party had found her coordinates, by the time they arrived, she would have been long gone. It was virtually impossible to catch her by just tracing her coordinates. Soon Nicole was back in the dorm. Lulu was working on the exam paper Nicole had given her yesterday. June was not there. When Nicole came back, Lulu said to her frustratedly, “Good to see you back, Nicole. Can you teach me how to solve this equation? Every time I felt like I was about to solve it, it came out not quite right. I was about to go crazy.” Seeing her frustration, Nicole raised an eyebrow and took over the test paper. This equation was tricky. Lulu could not solve it because she did not understand the question. Nicole pointed out the problem to her concisely. Lulu had a lightbulb moment and quickly took out a paper and started calculating. She got the answer in just a few minutes. She looked at Nicole adoringly. “Nicole, you are awesome.” Nicole said nothing but just gave her a low-key look. Lulu collapsed on the bed, laughing. After spending time with Nicole, Lulu found Nicole was really a wonderful person. She might look distant but was much better than many two-faced people. She looked up at Nicole and said, “I am sure you would never bully Snow. Someone must have made a mistake.”
  • Nicole looked at Lulu with surprise. After all, all the voices online were denouncing her. She did not expect Lulu to be willing to believe her, and that was heart-warming. “Thank you,” she said with a faint smile. Although she did not care about people smearing her, she would not refuse Lulu’s kindness. Lulu felt moved somehow when Nicole thanked her. She clenched her fist and said, “Don’t mention it. We are all friends, and friends trust each other. With your defensive skills, Snow should have been lying in the hospital should you have bullied her. In short, I will find a way to prove your innocence.” With that, she turned on the computer, logged in to the forum, and prepared to tear apart the lies smearing Nicole. Nicole could not help but laugh at seeing her scrappy look. Just as she was just about to decline Lulu’s kindness, the phone in her pocket suddenly vibrated. Her expression turned somber. She took out her mobile phone and looked at it, it was an anonymous message. How can you take a call from Carl? I can’t believe you are just as senseless as him.
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