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Chapter 109 The Wife Behaves Strangely Around Us

  • She saw that Jared was good-looking and wanted to chat him up, so she deliberately skipped class to try to get close to him in the morning. Yet this man was really indifferent, as if no one was above his notice. She had tried to approach him a few times but had been scared off by his coldness. He didn't smile today until Nicole entered the cafe, and she was in awe of it. That made her fall for him, and she was jealous of Nicole! Thinking of the discussions in the school forum about Nicole, with nary anything positive, how could the girl watch on as he gets deceived by Nicole? So that was why she stood up out of a sense of justice. She had thought that Jared would listen to her, or at the very least be curious as to why she said that. Yet Jared did not even bother to look at her as he focused on Nicole and said plainly, “Want me to throw her out?” Nicole had been surrounded by nothing but gossip today, and Jared’s words were a refreshing breeze. She looked at him with an eyebrow raised as she casually said, “No need; she’ll leave by herself.” Sure enough, how could the girl endure such a girly attitude from Jared as her temper flared? “What the web said is true; Nicole is really a vixen!”
  • Nicole did not even react, but Jared’s eyes immediately turned chilly. He looked at the girl and said coldly, “Apologize.” Jared’s aura was not something any ordinary person could withstand, much less a normal schoolgirl. When he looked · over, the girl was so scared she burst into tears as she cried loudly, “I’m sorry, Nicole!” And then she immediately ran out of the cafe as if she had suffered great humiliation. Jared frowned, but Nicole stretched her hand out to stop him. ”Don’t mind it.” A good four-fifth of a girl could never stand being forced to apologize to a girl by a man they liked. Jared looked at her impassive face as a layer of frost slowly appeared in his eyes. “Is the general quality of the students at the Royal Creek Institute like that?” Nicole gave him a strange look. How could she not catch that he was asking whether she was bullied or not in a roundabout way? So when she heard that, she smiled and said, “No, it’s just that some have poor upbringings to begin with and have nothing to do with the Royal Creek Institute.”
  • It was only then that Jared’s eyes softened. He looked at Nicole, who was looking at the sky outside, and wanted to say something but could not find the words. She has yet to withdraw her hand from his, and as he looked over, he was slightly taken aback. There were no accessories on her fair left hand, but there was a black, medium-sized Esperian character tattooed on her index finger, exuding a strange beauty. Nicole seemingly noticed his gaze and simply pulled her hand back. It was only then that Jared looked away as he turned towards her and smiled. “The tattoo fits you well.” Nicole waved him off. “It’s something I’ve gotten since I was still a naive girl, and I’m just too lazy to get rid of it now. So, I just kept it there.” Jared’s lips twitched a little, but he did not ask further as he wanted to enjoy his time with her. “Want to order something?” Hearing that, Nicole looked over at him, and after some thought, she slowly said, “I feel like having mocha today.” Jared perked up and looked at her as soon as he heard that. Her taste had always been more towards plain and bitter, but she actually ordered mocha this time around. But he did not ask too much and only nodded as he asked the waiter to serve it up. Soon, the coffee was served.
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