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Chapter 103 The Wife Behaves Strangely Around Us

  • At this moment, in the girl‘s dormitory, Nicole was already sitting on her bed after washing up. She was staring at her phone, and there was no news until now, so she felt a little uneasy. Lulu, who was on the bunk above, sensed her anxiety and popped her head out to comfort her. “Nicole, don‘t be angry. Harvey must‘ve lost a game of dare and had to confess to you. I actually got a few guys asking for my number last time, and when I thought my spring of love was finally here, it turned out they came looking for me after losing a game of dare.” The discussion on the forums was very lively; many did not believe it and said that the reason Harvey confessed to Nicole was because he lost a game of dare; otherwise, no one could understand why he was laughing so happily even when Nicole wanted to beat him up. Nicole knew that Lulu had misunderstood things, but she had no intention to explain anything, so she just said, “You‘re thinking too much.” June noticed Nicole‘s emotions and turned to give Lulu a warning glance. Lulu was already afraid of her at the best of times, so she immediately shrank back. Nicole looked at June, and the latter gave her a smile and mouthed a soundless.
  • “Good luck.” The look in Nicole‘s eyes then softened somewhat. Not too long later, Lulu exclaimed from above once again. “Nicole, they said that Austin has lost power, and now Bobby Burton wants to be the new school bully!” Bobby Burton was Austin‘s best buddy and was also the first to turncoat. Seeing that Nicole did not react, Lulu popped her head out again to ask. “Nicole, they said that Austin ended up like this because of you. They say, Why can‘t he just be a proper school bully instead of studying? That‘s why no one wanted to obey him!” Nicole did not even look up as she sneered, “Let them talk. Since talking online is all they can do,” She still looked at her silent phone, and just as she was about to put it away, the phone suddenly vibrated. She immediately tapped on the screen. “We are fine. We have no information about the person tailing you. Be careful.” appeared. Looking at the sentence, Nicole frowned. For that person to be someone even Zane Spears could not locate, he must have belonged to an extremely powerful organization.
  • It was just that this organization did not seem to harbor any ill intentions towards her, and their following her was more like a gentle probe. There were no intentions to harm her; otherwise, she would not have detected it so late. After reading that, Nicole put her phone back into her bag and could finally sleep in peace. A good night‘s sleep later, the next morning. After Nicole was done with her morning exercise, she planned to go back to the dormitory. Because of the incident with Harvey Ellison last night, she attracted even more attention. Whenever she walked past someone, she would hear gossip from time to time. She ignored all of them, but when she got to the ground floor of the dormitory, someone threw something at her. She quickly dodged and found an egg smashed against the ground, letting out a rather horrid stench. Nicole stopped with an icy look on her face as she looked at the girl who tossed the egg. Although the latter was terrified, she still looked at Nicole with a hateful gaze before turning and fleeing.
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