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Chapter 120 The Wife Behaves Strangely Around Us

  • Edwin shook his head at the thought of the advanced hacker’s request: “I can’t tell you.” Nicole also looked back at him, her expression calm. However, it felt as if there were waves surging in her deeper parts. “Edwin, since we can’t trust each other, don’t look for me again.” Edwin stared blankly at her back and did not catch up. ‘Yes, Nicole is right; how can we make a deal if we can’t trust each other? I was too reckless.’ Edwin took out his phone and called Preston. “My path to the solution is blocked. You need to find another expert.”. He looked at Nicole, who was walking away without hesitation, and sighed. Nicole returned to the class with all eyes on her. She went back to her seat, her expression unchanged. She did not care about them at all. Bradley, in front, turned to her curiously. “Nicole, why did Edwin and Harvey look for you?” LL Nicole was pulling out the new exercise that Ms. Emerson gave her from the desk drawer and said lightly, “It’s nothing. Edwin needs some help from me.” Her voice was very soft, but many heard her. Many students’ eyes were filled with disdain. ‘Doesn’t she know about Edwin’s status? Does he even need her help?’ O ‘ Even if Nicole can please Mr. . Ellison, Edwin and Harvey are friends.
  • Wouldn’t it be more convenient for Edwin to find Mr. . Ellison’s grandson for help instead?’ ‘This Nicole is really ignorant. She just happens to know Mr. . Ellison, yet she dares to talk this big.’ Vivian looked at Nicole. A hint of disgust flashed in her eyes. ‘I really have enough of Nicole. She dares to boast about anything just to show off.’ Vivian ”snapped” the pen on the table, startling her deskmate. The deskmate asked her cautiously,” Vivian, are you alright?” Vivian ignored her and stood up. She walked to Nicole’s side and said coldly, “Nicole, I warned you last time not to drag Class B along with you. Now that the Math Olympiad competition is coming, I, as the monitor, have the right to check the progress of your preparation.” After she finished speaking, she picked up the workbook in front of Nicole, flipped through it roughly, and sneered when she saw nothing on it. She threw the workbook to the ground. The students on cleaning duty at noon had just wiped the floor. So there was water on it, and the workbook was stained with wet and dirty marks. The ink on most pages became blurred, and the original words were hardly visible. Nkole watched this scene with grim eyes. “Nicole, is this your learning attitude? You are fooling around with different boys every day instead of studying hard for revision and exam preparation. You said you would get first place in the Math Olympiad. Could you explain these math problems? You did not even write down a single word?
  • Tell me the truth; do you even know how to ask a single question?” Nicole looked at Vivian, who was finding fault with her on the pretext of acting justly, her eyes piercing yet they were beautiful. “Pick it up.” Her tone was indifferent. Vivian was taken aback. It was as if she did not understand what Nicole was talking about. Nicole’s eyes were filled with impatience when she saw Vivian, who was surprised. “Don’t make me say it a second time.” Seeing Nicole’s cold eyes, Vivian got cold feet. But now the whole class was looking there. And Gary’s eyes were on Nicole. Vivian gritted her teeth and raised her head. “Nicole, you didn’t even bother to write a word in your workbook. So why can’t I throw it? I’m the class monitor. I can say that you are a disobedient, trouble-making student who lacks discipline.” Nicole looked at her; her eyes reflected a clear light like ice crystals. Under her gaze, Vivian somehow felt as if she had been completely seen through. She could not avoid Nicole’s gaze. A layer of cold sweat broke out at the back of her neck. ‘Nicole is just a country bumpkin. Why is she this intimidating!’ Nicole looked at her with a poker face. “That’s it.” Vivian thought that she had managed to persuade Nicole.
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