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Chapter 119 The Wife Behaves Strangely Around Us

  • When Edwin realized that Nicole would go out and talk with him for real, he suddenly became excited. “Hahaha, Harvey, your charm is not as good as mine! What campus hunk are you?“ Nicole, I have known you for a long time. I think you’re very beautiful. I will definitely choose you as the new campus queen! “I don’t think you have anything to do with the bad rumors mentioned on the Internet. Anyone with brains won’t easily fall for information circulated on the Internet. “After all, famous people tend to attract rumors. What do you think? Am I right?” Everyone in Class B looked at Edwin. ‘Edwin seems to behave differently than we have seen. How did he become so talkative all of a sudden?” What they did not know was that Edwin might have been indifferent when facing people he disliked, but he was a fan of Nicole’s beauty. Thus, when he saw Nicole, he was acting like fans were seeing their idols. It was hard for him to contain his excitement. Nicole walked out with him, feeling a little regret. She did not expect Edwin to be this talkative. She had thought that he was a polite gentleman. Moreover, she found it hard to reject harmless people. The two walked to the door.
  • Edwin was so excited that he could even tell Nicole about his height and weight. Nicole seemed to be listening attentively and gave him a brief response from time to time. Edwin got even more talkative upon seeing that. . Harvey frowned at the scene in front of him. A fit of anger rose within him. He was not in the mood to continue talking to the girls flirting with him, so he hurriedly sent them off and quickly walked in the direction where Nicole and Edwin were heading. Edwin had no intention of letting Nicole talk to Harvey. ‘Anyway, Harvey already has Snow with him. He must have come for Nicole with some motives. So why not walk with Nicole?’ As Edwin thought of this, he did not stop and walked even faster. As Harvey looked at them from behind, there was coldness in his eyes. He sped up his pace and blocked their way. "What do you think you are doing?” said Harvey with a cold expression while looking at Edwin. Edwin shrugged. “I saw there were plenty of pretty girls talking to you there. So I immediately took Nicole away without disturbing you.” Harvey said nothing further. But his facial expression became inscrutable as he stared at Edwin. Even Edwin wants to go against me?’ Harvey turned his eyes to Nicole’s poker face and said flatly, “Do you want to follow him?” Nicole looked at him with indifference. “It’s my freedom to do what I want.” Harvey’s expression did not change.
  • He looked at the girl, as fair as snow, in front of him and let out a gentle smile. “Okay, I won’t interfere with your business. But could you tell me, What is your relationship with Jared?” He could not stop thinking about their relationship since he had come back yesterday. Although Austin’s gang was calling Jared Nicole’s boyfriend, Nicole was acting cold to Jared. So he thought perhaps they were not a couple. Nicole’s eyes moved slightly, looking straight into his eyes. Instead of replying to his question, she said, “Guess what I hate most about you.” Harvey was stunned for a moment. He did not expect to see this coming. Edwin was also stunned. He never expected that there was a girl who could categorically say that she hated Harvey. Nicole paid no heed to his dumbstruck expression. Instead, she continued to look into Harvey’s seemingly gentle eyes. But the words she said the next moment penetrated directly through his body and soul: “I hate you the most. You just love to try my limits.” Harvey looked into her eyes. He felt as if they could see through him. They sent him trembling again.
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