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Chapter 68 The Wife Behaves Strangely Around Us

  • After some time, they sent another text message over to Norah, saying, “Someone is helping Nicole. We’ve all gotten punished for what we did yesterday. Let’s stop contacting each other from today onwards.” Norah clenched her phone tightly in her hand as her veins popped out of her slender fingers, which looked exceptionally ugly. “These three idiots could not even finish such a simple task. It is too bad I gave them so much information about Samuel!’ After fretting for some time, Norah was still thinking of ways to take care of Nicole when Celia’s profile picture popped out from her phone screen. Norah’s eyes sparkled as she immediately told Celia Nicole’s whereabouts… After two hours, Nicole walked out of the library after she was done studying. The sun was setting, and it was close to dinner time. Nicole decided to have dinner before going back to study again. But when she reached the entrance to the café, she bumped into someone unexpectedly. She looked up and realized that it was a very familiar face. She smiled, intrigued. Celia glared at Nicole angrily as she stood before her. Behind her was a group of muscular men. With only one glance, Nicole could tell that they were well trained. Even Cain had lost to Nicole and was still staying in the hospital.
  • Celia had been taking care of him for so many days, but he did not seem to recover still, which had made Celia heartbroken and angry. But she could kind of sense that Nicole was no angel, so normal thugs might not be able to handle Nicole. For this reason, Celia spent a large sum of money to hire these professional thugs to teach Nicole a lesson. This could help both her and Cain to let off steam and let Nicole know that she, Celia Rowe, was not someone Nicole could mess with! When she saw Nicole coming out, Celia waved to the men behind her. “This is the girl. She knows a few martial arts, so you don’t have to go easy on her. Go teach her a lesson!” The men behind her listened to their boss’ order, so it was only unreasonable for them to not follow through. They warmed themselves up before they surrounded Nicole. Nicole’s expression remained the same when she looked at them rubbing their fists and palms. She immediately knew that they were professionals in this field of work, so they must know some martial arts. Nicole looked at Celia with what seemed like a smile.
  • Celia grew smarter this time as she knew how to get better fighters to mess with Nicole. Nicole was about to put down her bag in her hand, but she suddenly heard a lazy voice saying, “What are you doing? What party is this?” Turns out, Jared was going to get his car after leaving the principal’s office. He just passed by and saw a group of big men surrounding a girl. He only noticed that the girl was Nicole after he got closer. “Those men sure have the guts to hit someone in broad daylight.’ The darkness grew in Jared’s usual expressionless eyes as he walked closer to them. Though he had a lazy stance, he was emitting a strong presence, forcing the thugs to retreat instinctively, making way for him. When Nicole saw that it was Jared, she was surprised for a while, but she immediately put on her indifferent expression again. Jared walked to Nicole and asked, “Are you alright?” Nicole paused and looked at him. Without words, she was telling him that obviously, those men had not even touched her clothes. Jared understood her look and smiled unconsciously.
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