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Chapter 24 The Wife Behaves Strangely Around Us

  • Everyone looked at Nicole in admiration. But the more unbelievable things were yet to come. Austin’s followers looked at Austin with confusion, and one of them asked, “But boss, yesterday, this ungrateful brat rejected your—”. Before the guy could finish speaking, Austin gave him a punch with a backhand. “Stop talking like that to Nicole! From now on, Nicole is my boss. I will not spare those who dare to bully her.” The poor guy glanced angrily at Nicole. Seeing that Austin was serious, the rest bowed their heads and submitted to Nicole. After that, Austin looked at Nicole flatteringly, hoping to get her compliment. Everyone was in a daze for a moment, as they could not believe that all this was true. Jack and Wayne behind them were speechless. Gary watched on with great interest, his eyes falling on Nicole and studying her. But Nicole was nonchalant, giving no reaction to Austin’s actions. She then calmly checked her watch and said to Austin, “I am not your boss. My class is about to start. Don’t bother me anymore.”
  • Austin panicked when he saw Nicole opening a book, as if she were going to study. But his father had repeatedly told him to build a good relationship with Nicole and that he must not piss Nicole off. “I know it was my fault, Nicole. Please forgive me.” Austin humbled himself. But Nicole ignored him, holding the book she had not finished reading. She did not seem to care about this farce that was happening right now. Austin’s face flushed when Nicole ignored him. No one at the Royal Creek Institute had ever humiliated him like this. He had been unwilling to call Nicole his boss from the beginning. How could he still be the school bully if Nicole rejected him? “You have got to be the boss, no matter what.” Austin left angrily after saying that. Nicole had no idea that she had rejected something that many people considered great and irresistible. Many were envious of her. Gary saw her nonchalance and knew that Nicole did not take Austin seriously. He could not help but take a greater interest in her. Who was she that even the Woods family was bowing to?
  • Raine came looking for Gary when she saw Gary staring with interest at Nicole. Angry, she clenched the bag in her hand and took in Gary’s line of sight. “Gary, there is a new café in front of the school. How about we go for a cup of coffee after school?” Gary was dissatisfied when someone blocked his view. When he looked up and saw that it was Raine, he reluctantly agreed. Raine left the classroom feeling pleased. After she left, Bradley leaned over and whispered to Nicole, “I heard Raine had been courting Gary for a long time before Gary accepted Raine. Now it seems that the rumor is true.” Nicole could not help but smirk upon hearing that. Thinking back to how arrogant the twin sisters, Snow and Raine, were when she was back at home last night, it would be interesting to see their family’s reaction when they found out that their daughters were kissing the feet of the Finley brothers. Bradley looked at Nicole and scratched his head. “Stop worrying about others. Maybe you should worry about yourself. Is it really okay for you to reject Austin like this?”
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