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Chapter 93 The Wife Behaves Strangely Around Us

  • Everyone thought Nicole would stop when Harvey called out her name. It turned out that Nicole not only did not stop but also walked even faster. Nicole frowned, and she saw the staircase up ahead packed with people wanting to get a glimpse of Harvey. “Please give way. Thank you.” These people just looked at her in astonishment, and they gave no response after hearing her words. It was as if her disregard for Harvey had stunned them. While Nicole looked impatiently at these people blocking her way, Harvey had come up from behind, while Snow could barely keep up. It was clear that Snow had lost pace in catching up with Harvey. She was almost left behind by Harvey in front of everyone’s eyes, and this was an even greater shame than screwing up her deportment. Snow looked at Nicole with bitter eyes. Harvey also looked at Nicole, his eyes filled with unspeakable emotion. It had been a long time since he last lost himself in pursuing someone.
  • He did not even get a response from her, even though he called her name. She really had many surprises for him. Nicole turned to look at the two of them. She had no words. Since she could not walk away, she placed her and Lulu’s plates into the plate collection position before turning around and looking at Harvey and Snow with her arms folded. Harvey did not look like he was angry. Instead, a smile spread across his face as he saw Nicole’s apathy. “You heard I was calling you, didn’t you? Why didn’t you wait?” It was better for him not to call her because she made a run for it when he did. Nicole really did not respect him at all. Nicole looked at him indifferently. Neither did she answer his question. Lulu looked at Nicole, then at Harvey, and whispered, “Harvey, Nicole said she doesn’t know you. She rarely interacts with people she doesn’t know.” Everyone was even more stunned at this moment. Who in school did not know Harvey? He was Mr. . Ellison’s grandson. Yet Nicole said she did not know him. Nine out of ten did not believe it. But to say that she knew Harvey and ignored him made her look even more arrogant. Harvey’s face changed subtly upon hearing this. Yesterday he said hello to her, yet she now says that she does not know him. He felt ineffably upset but still looked gentle on his face. He looked at Lulu and said, “Thank you for telling me that.” Lulu blushed as Harvey looked at her. Nicole stepped forward and kept Lulu behind her. “If I am not mistaken, you are up to something here.” He extended an olive branch to Lulu because he could do nothing with her.
  • No way was she going to be fooled. Her alertness surprised Harvey. Nicole looked at him, knowing that this guy was up to no good. There was a smile on her face, but deep down inside, she was indifferent. Harvey snapped back from his thought, looking at Nicole, and said softly, “Hi, Nicole, 1 arn Harvey. This is my friend, Snow. Now we know each other, don’t we?” Nicole said nothing, nor were there emotions on her face. It was as if this was just not-so-guilty acting; Harvey was not angry either. “Now that we know each other, let’s talk about you bullying Snow and Raine.” There was an uproar as soon as his voice trailed off. Sure enough, Harvey was here to stand up for Snow. All eyes were on Nicole at this moment. Everyone watched with a look of great schadenfreude. Nicole watched the farce, her expression turning icy as she looked Harvey in the eyes. “What do you really want to say?” Harvey looked at the uncooperative girl, the smile on his face fading gradually. Instead, a glint of coldness flashed in his eyes. “If you apologize to the two of them in public and promise not to bother them again, I will let the matter rest. How about that?” Snow was triumphant, ready to hear Harvey give Nicole some severe punishments.
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