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Chapter 101 The Wife Behaves Strangely Around Us

  • His voice was low, yet it sounded like a thunderclap. He did not actually lower his voice, and so everyone heard it loud and clear. And instantly, a commotion erupted. “Did I hear that right? I heard Harvey wants Nicole as his girlfriend.” “I also heard that. What’s going on? What about Snow Riddle then?” “If I’m not wrong, Harvey never actually acknowledged Snow Riddle as his girlfriend, right?” “Then it’s Snow who took herself as Harvey’s girlfriend. Now that’s spicy, getting slapped right in the face there!” “Is no one going to scold Nicole here? She’s the one seducing Harvey!” Nicole ignored those voices as she looked at Harvey Ellison, standing before her. “If I’m not wrong, this is our third meeting, yes?” Harvey seemingly knew what she was about to say, and his extended hand stayed there as he smiled and said gently, “We can always slowly cultivate our relationship.” That was to say, even if he had no feelings for her, he could still ask her to be his girlfriend just because of something. He was the type that would do anything to achieve his goals. Nicole’s gaze towards Harvey turned colder and colder as a layer of frost slowly appeared in her eyes.
  • She really did not expect a good man like Mr. Ellison to have such a promiscuous grandson! “Get lost!” If he did not leave now, she was going to punch him. When Harvey heard her words, the elegant smile on his face froze. He looked at Nicole in disbelief, seemingly not understanding what she had said, as he asked with a puzzled tone, “What did you say?” Seeing that he still did not leave, Nicole could not be bothered to exchange words with him as she swung a fist at him. Her martial skills were no joke, and Harvey had witnessed her practice before, so he knew how strong the punch was. He immediately dodged backwards, his body bending backwards as he barely dodged the punch. He looked at her in consternation. “Nicole, what’s the meaning of this?” Everyone was stunned silly by this unexpected scene. They never expected Nicole to reject Harvey. Rejecting him aside, she seemed like she wanted to beat him up too! If it weren’t for the fact that Harvey had learned Taekwondo before, the punch would have landed square on him. Seeing him dodge, Nicole did not press the attack as she glared coldly at him and spat a warning. “Never show yourself before me ever again!” As she said, she tumed towards the staircase of the dormitory.
  • Everyone looked at her back in shock, and no one dared to say a word. She was cold and powerful. No one could stop her. Harvey, too, was looking at her in a stupor, his thoughts now in flux. Her gaze earlier had pierced him straight in the heart, causing him to feel a numbness akin to an electric shock. He covered his face and actually started sniggering. Interesting. No one had ever made him act like this before. This Nicole, she was really driving him insane. And everyone who looked at him was even more stupefied. Harvey Ellison almost ate a punch, yet not only was he not angry; he was laughing instead. They could clearly sense that this laughter was not the same as the shallow smile he usually lets out. It had a thick sense of elation, as if he had encountered something that made him really happy. Harvey looked at the crowd, and the elation in his voice did not fade away as he gently said, “So sorry for the embarrassing scene earlier.” After that, he slowly smoothed the wrinkles on his shirt as he left with a swift pace. Many just stood there, as they had never seen Harvey Ellison act like that before. He had always been gentle and polite; he was always measured, and he would not laugh out loud like this. Very soon, someone posted the footage onto the school’s forum, and the entire comment section immediately bent out of shape. “What the hell? What’s going on?” “So, Harvey confessed to Nicole? "It “seems like she played a game of dare and lost.
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