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Chapter 96 The Wife Behaves Strangely Around Us

  • Nicole turned around and noticed Jack Pearson was looking at her somewhat anxiously, with Gary Finley standing impassively behind the latter. Gary had fixed Jack up properly today and ordered the latter to apologize to Nicole. Jack was naturally reluctant, but he was worried that Nicole would straight up ignore him, so he quickly mouthed his apology while Nicole was packing up. Although Gary looked impassive, his clenched fist betrayed the turmoil inside. Looking at the girl’s glance, Gary would be lying if he said he was not nervous. Nicole looked at the two, and her gaze finally fell on Jack‘s face as she let out a mischievous smile. “No need for that.” With those words said, she picked up her bag and left with Bradley Robertson. Leaving Jack Pearson standing there, scratching his head. He dared not ask Gary directly, so he kicked Wayne in the shin and asked, “Say, did Nicole forgive me there or not?” Wayne was already slightly pissed when Jack called Nicole coldblooded earlier and immediately threw the latter a glare when he heard that, “Why are you asking me? Go ask Nicole!” Gary, too, frowned. He knew that Nicole would not forgive him so easily. He picked up his books and said coldly, “Let‘s go.
  • We need to revise.” The math Olympiad was close, and he must not lose. He will tell Nicole his thoughts after clinching first place. Just as he entertained the thought, his handphone suddenly vibrated. Gary pulled out his phone and placed it by his ear. When he heard what was said, his expression changed a little. “Alright, I‘ll be right there.” Immediately after, he walked out of the classroom in big strides, leaving Jack and Wayne to look at each other. Nicole and Bradley were walking leisurely towards the dorm, and Bradley was talking about Lloyd nonstop while Nicole listened on, with no reactions on her face. Bradley was so colorful that it was clear that he really liked Lloyd Holder. At this moment, a rather blurry silhouette appeared beneath the streetlamp, as if it were a person who was closely hugging the wall. Nicole immediately noticed that and consciously led Bradley as they suddenly took a corner. It was an open space, and seeing that he was without cover, the person gritted his teeth as he pretended to be unperturbed as he followed the two of them, acting like he was looking at the scenery. A cold glint flashed past Nicole‘s face as she suddenly turned around and gave Bradley a shock. “Nicole, the heck...
  • Bloody hell!” Nicole darted out like a thunderbolt and instantly disappeared before Bradley‘s eyes. The person tailing them was clearly a professional. He sensed something was not right the moment Nicole turned her head and immediately fled. And it seemed like he was well versed in the layout of the Royal Creek Institute. With a couple of turns, he disappeared into the darkness. Looking at the fork before her and thinking that the person disappeared after he turned into this corner, she felt a little irritable. Failure was a rare thing for her, and she was too careless this time. She never thought that someone would dare to tail her so brazenly inside the Royal Creek Institute. As she thought of this, her expression turned a little glum. As she turned around to retrace her path, she took out her phone and sent a message. “Someone is tailing me. You guys, be careful.” Bradley had not responded yet, so Nicole put away her phone and saw the former standing there looking at her in a stupor. Even when he had seen Nicole strike more than once, he was still amazed every time he witnessed it.
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