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Chapter 42 The Wife Behaves Strangely Around Us

  • Therefore, no one was surprised when Ms. Emerson mentioned Gary’s name. The monthly test was just around the corner, and suddenly there was a Math Olympiad. The students all stared at each other, worrying that it would affect their test revisions, and they did not want to participate. Compared to a Math Olympiad, which they could not win, they would rather place their time and effort into their revisions. Ms. Emerson’s face did not look good when she saw that no one had raised their hands. She had already said that the district was taking this competition seriously. She did not expect the students to be this indolent. She scanned through the class. Everyone in the class was looking down, except for Nicole, who was still looking at her calmly. Ms. Emerson’s eyes lit up. She recalled that in Nicole’s profile, it was written that she had participated in a math Olympiad before. She could not help but ask, “Nicole, you’ve participated in a math Olympiad in your previous school, right?” Nicole did not expect Ms. Emerson to call her name, but she nodded anyway. Ms. Emerson saw her nodding and took the liberty of putting her name in. “Then, you and Gary would represent our class this time around. Don’t forget to attend training every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoon at the lecture hall. There will be a teacher guiding both of you.” Horina this Ninaladidacte.
  • D IS, I IS, Nicole did not seem to care much, as it was not much different from all these classes. Ms. Emerson took her silence as an agreement and let out a sigh of relief. She was very worried that Nicole would disagree. It was unexpected for the conversation to be this smooth. Thinking about this, Ms. Emerson favored Nicole a little more. As soon as recess commenced, Bradley, who looked worried, came running and asked, “Nicole, did you agree to join the competition? I heard that this round would be a hard one. Didn’t you see that no one wants to join?” Nicole replied calmly, “It’d be nice to kill time.” Bradley then remembered that she could answer all the questions correctly last time. He slapped his lap and said, “Right, normal papers are too easy for you. It’s much more interesting and challenging to join competitions.” Nicole did not refute him. She was too lazy to reply that even the competition questions were just the same as normal test papers. It was lunchtime. Nicole packed all the books on her table and was about to have lunch with Bradley and the rest. Unexpectedly, she heard someone calling out to her as soon as she stood up. “Nicole!” Nicole looked over and saw Snow standing at the door.
  • When she noticed Nicole looking back at her, she smiled and waved her hand to signal her to go over. Nicole stood still. She was not that close to Snow, so she did not know what Snow’s hidden agenda was. As Snow realized that Nicole was ignoring her while everyone else was staring at her, she laughed and walked over to Nicole. Standing next to Nicole, Snow put on her signature gentle look and asked, “Nicole, shall we have lunch together?” Now that the famous campus queen was in their class, everyone irresistibly stared at them. Snow was famous for her gentleness and generosity. She did not care about everyone’s gaze but continued to present her best side. Many of the boys were discussing among themselves, “Look, that’s the campus queen in our school. She really lives up to her name; her skin is as fair as snow.” There were also many who praised her beauty. Snow was extremely happy upon hearing it. Jack heard them and sneered, “If you have bad eyesight, it’s better to donate it to those in need. No matter from which angle, Nicole looks so much prettier than Snow. The title of campus queen will be up for another round of voting. It’s hard to say if Snow can retain this title this year.” When Snow heard his words, her face turned pale, and she almost lost her posture.
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