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Chapter 88 The Wife Behaves Strangely Around Us

  • Feeling aggrieved, Snow immediately lowered her head and whispered, “I just want to tell you that Nicole bullied Raine in the caféteria yesterday. According to Raine, Gary seemed to be protective of Nicole recently, as if Nicole had fascinated him. I think that is unbecoming of Nicole to do that.” Raine increasingly hated Nicole and wished that Harvey would help her teach Nicole a lesson. Harvey looked into Snow’s eyes and had figured out everything. “So you want me to step up and help you and Raine teach Nicole a lesson.” His voice sounded nonchalant, making it impossible for people to tell his emotions. Snow looked up at Harvey with anticipation. She knew Harvey understood what she meant. In fact, she was confident that Harvey would agree to it. After all, he had never refused all her requests last time. But this time, Harvey said nothing, just looking faintly at Snow, who was standing there. Feeling a little nervous, Snow quickly continued. “Nicole bullied me before. You should have seen that photo on the school forum. She is ill-mannered and nasty in words and actions. She has even hit my friend for no reason.” Harvey looked at her quietly, thinking of Nicole’s face.
  • ‘Is she really the kind of person Snow has said she is? But Snow doesn’t have to lie, and Nicole is indeed infamous on the forum.’ There was still silence as Harvey did not speak. Just as Snow panicked, fearing that he would reject her, Harvey said, “Okay, I will help you.” Snow breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Harvey with a sweet smile on her face. She knew Harvey would agree. Harvey also returned a smile but with a hint of austerity in his eyes. He might have agreed, but he would first investigate what had actually happened. He did not want to be reckless. In high school, Nicole was reading a book, waiting for class. Not long after, Lulu also returned and said excitedly to her, “Guess who I just met, Nicole?” Nicole heard her excitement and looked up. “Who?” Lulu furtively leaned close to Nicole’s ear and whispered, “After the flag-raising ceremony, Mr. Ellison inspected the school with a man who looked more handsome than Harvey, allegedly wanting to invest in the school. I heard Vivian say that the guy was the boss of JJ Johnston Group. Seriously, he is rich, single, and available!”
  • At first, Nicole thought Lulu had some important things to tell her, not expecting to hear her spewing gossip. She had no words for it. But after a moment, she frowned as something came to mind. “What company did you just say?” Lulu did not know why Nicole asked, but she still repeated it honestly. “IJ Johnston Group.” Nicole was spinning the pen in between her fingers, deep in thought. Lulu saw Nicole’s reaction and asked, “What is wrong, Nicole? You know the owner of JJ Johnston Group?” Nicole shook her head. Jared was the only Johnston she knew. But Jared was the heir to the Johnston Group, so she did not know the CEO of JJ Johnston Group. The reason she found JJ Johnston Group familiar was because of a previous job. But when she was partnering with Specter on that job, he screwed up and got the database of the JJ Johnston Group implicated. She had tried her best to make up for it. But it was said that JJ Johnston Group’s software was on its first day on the market, and it was supposed to be a hit. But a major bug cost them at least $100 million in losses.
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