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Chapter 105 The Wife Behaves Strangely Around Us

  • Mr. Kennedy saw that Nicole ignored him and was so angry that he raised his voice and said, “Nicole, I‘ll ask you again. Did you hit Jessy? How can you be such a troublemaker? Sure enough, a hillbilly like you have no proper upbringing!” Nicole crossed her arms as she coldly looked at what was unfolding. Mr. Kennedy may seem like he was asking her a question, but in fact, he had already judged her guilty. She did not look at Mr. Kennedy but instead tossed an icy glance at Jessy. “What did I say just now?” Jessy immediately shrank behind Mr. Kennedy after Nicole looked at her and did not dare to even look at Nicole anymore. In fact, this time around, she did not want to see trouble with Nicole. After being so brutally dealt with earlier, she no longer had the guts! It was Mr. Kennedy who saw her crying and asked her what happened. So, she just vaguely said that Nicole not only bullied her, but she also beat her up. Who knew Norah actually took the opportunity to say that Nicole had always bullied her schoolmates if they had any disagreements, and even her sister was bullied in the past? 1 That was why Mr. Kennedy brought her to Class B to tell her side of the story to Nicole.
  • Yet she dared not explain anything to Nicole, as she was too chagrined and dare not speak. When Mr. Kennedy saw that Nicole was ignoring him and Jessy was hiding behind him, not daring to say anything, that meant that she was really bullied by Nicole. He was already convinced that Nicole was the problematic one. He sneered, “Nicole, stop intimidating Jessy! I‘m ordering you to apologize to my student here, or else I‘ll bring this matter to the director so she can properly educate a punk like you!” 1 The quality of students between Class A and Class B was not comparable. Adding to this unstable factor in Nicole, if he pushes this case onto the director‘s table, the excellent teacher award is surely his! Nicole raised her eyebrows and did not react to his words. It was Jessy, who was standing behind Mr. Kennedy, who was being secretly gleeful. Although she did not want to come earlier, she knew that if this case were to go to the director, then Nicole would definitely face a serious penalty! If she were to exaggerate her injuries, she might even get Nicole expelled! As she schemed about, Jessy still did not dare to pop her head out. Nicole ignored the two of them and did not even deign to look at Mr. Kennedy. Lulu could no longer just stand and look as she got up and said, “It was Jessy who was looking for trouble.
  • She wanted to hit Nicole, but failed. She collapsed to the ground and was rendered immobile, resembling a limp dog. Mr. Kennedy, please look after your students and don‘t push every problem into our class.” Bradley also nodded and said, “Yeah! Nicole did not hit her; she only'sent‘ her out just now.” When Nicole looked at them speaking up for her, she felt a stream of warmth in her heart. With the two speaking up one after another, it pissed Mr. Kennedy so much that his face turned blue. He pointed at a few of them. “You lot, Class B sure is exceptional. I will inform the director this once; just all of you wait!” As he said that, he left with seething fury. Jessy was left alone standing on the class podium, and Nicole‘s eyes were fixed on her, cold yet mocking. “Get lost.” It was just two words, but it scared Jessy silly. Looking at Jessy‘s dumbstruck look, Lulu spat, “What are you doing standing there? Do you still want Nicole to'send‘ you out?” Hearing this, Jessy shuddered and immediately ran out, as if she would be eaten alive a second later. Lulu and the others looked at each other before turning to Nicole. Seeing their faces, Nicole let out a slight smile; her voice was very gentle. “Good job.” This smile stunned the entire class.
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