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Chapter 140 The Wife Behaves Strangely Around Us

  • The next morning, Nicole got up early for her morning training routine and found that Harvey was not there. His absence did not bother her. She had made it clear to him yesterday, so it was normal for him to stop approaching her. Nicole went to class nonchalantly. Due to some reasons, everyone in Class B today looked at her with weird looks. Nicole ignored their gazes. Wayne whispered, “Nicole, how did you make Cain yield to you like that?” ‘Forget about Austin. Even the notorious Cain from the Northon Institute treats Nicole that way?!’ Not only did Cain have a decent family background, but he was also Celia Rowe’s boyfriend. Most people feared him for his notoriety. He did not bother to give face almost to anyone except Gary. Nobody had seen Cain grovel like that. | Nicole glanced at Wayne. She did not feel hostile toward him. “Perhaps he’s afraid of getting beaten again,” said Nicole flatly. Only then did Wayne recall how Nicole had defeated a dozen thugs on her own. He flinched at the thought of that and stopped talking. Gary, at the row behind, squeezed the pen in his hand, frowning at Nicole’s back. He had beaten Cain countless times, but it was never enough to stop Cain, who had no shame.
  • Therefore, Gary was not convinced when Nicole had claimed that all it took was giving Cain a beating to make him submissive. He felt that there must be some other reason. Nicole leaned against her chair’s back, spinning her pen. No one knew what was on her mind. Seeing that Gary’s attention was on Nicole again, Vivian broke the ruler in her hand. Her eyes were glum, and her pretty face was a little contorted with anger when she looked at Nicole. As if she had finally made up her mind on something, she suddenly threw the ruler in her hand away and left the classroom. Vivian went directly to Ms. Emerson’s office. As the class monitor, she was very familiar with that place. She stood in front of Ms. Emerson’s desk and said calmly, “Ms. Emerson, I personally think we should not allow Nicole to stay in Class B. She’s a troublemaker, and her presence has affected our learning. Everyone has been talking about her instead of focusing on their monthly exam. It will affect the mentality of good students like us.” Her last sentence sounded like a threat as she looked at Ms. Emerson with a sense of pride. Vivian Collins was one of the top students in Class B, so to Ms. Emerson, her words carried some weight. She was even appointed as the class monitor.
  • Vivian was confident that once she voiced her opinion, not to mention Nicole’s poor grades, Ms. Emerson would feel worried that Nicole could affect the overall class’s performance in the monthly test. “Therefore, it’s very likely that my words can get Nicole expelled from Class B!’ Vivian thought with a hidden smile on her face. Upon hearing Vivian’s words, Ms. Emerson, who was reviewing today’s assignments, looked at Vivian, the student she had always been proud of. Vivian lowered her eyes, and Ms. Emerson could not tell what she was thinking. However, that did not stop Ms. Emerson from voicing her thought. She put down the assignment she was reviewing and said, “Vivian, I’ve always been lenient to students who perform well academically like you, but I can’t tolerate you slandering your classmates. “You mentioned that Nicole has affected others in their study. But I think she has a very good learning attitude. She even asked for new exercises a few days ago. “You should calm down. Stop minding about what others have said.
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