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Chapter 137 The Wife Behaves Strangely Around Us

  • Nicole left the principal’s office and headed straight toward the café. The sky had turned dark, and it started to drizzle. People were going off the streets in a hurry, and Nicole was the only person who seemed not to care. They all cast a strange look at Nicole, thinking that she must be out of her mind still by still rambling on the street when the sky was about to open up. Nicole ignored the gaze of these people and took her time. She just liked the cool breeze because it made her more awake. She only favored Jared’s coffee and would only allow Jared to come near and accompany her. What was this? As the cold wind grew more intense, the smile on Nicole’s lips got broader. She picked up her pace and finally ran as forks of lightning lit up the sky with thunder rumbling in the background. By the time she reached the café, Claus was seen standing in a daze behind the coffee bar. As he admired the wind outside bringing down a willow, he suddenly saw a girl dash toward the café from afar. It was pouring outside, but she seemed to run faster than the rain. When the girl got close, Claus finally saw who she was and was a bit startled. He narrowed his eyes. “Nicole? No way. It is really Nicole!”
  • Jared would skin him alive if Jared knew he was letting Nicole run in the rain. By the time Claus grabbed an umbrella and was about to rush out, Nicole had come outside the café. Claus hurriedly pulled open the door. She stood wet in the doorway; her face was a little pale, but her beauty still made everything around her look pale in comparison. Claus looked at her and was a little stunned. Nicole casually removed her soaked coat. Afraid of wetting the floor of the café, she did not walk in but asked, “Claus, where is your boss?” Claus was delighted that Nicole had remembered his name. It took him a while before he reacted to Nicole’s question. Unfortunately, Jared did not come back after going out in the afternoon. No one knew where he went. Just when he felt melancholy, wanting to shake his head, Max’s voice came from behind him “The boss has gone to Nottingbrook State and will come back the day after tomorrow.” Nicole looked slightly disappointed, but she quickly recovered and said, “Alright, thank you.” She then opened the door and ran out despite it still raining heavily outside.
  • Max looked surprised and hurriedly took a few steps forward, trying to stop Nicole. But he did not dare to touch her but said casually, “Why don’t you wait after the rain stops?” Nicole shook her head. The rain was not a deterrence for her at all, as it would only make her more awake. She looked back at Max and said in a gentle but firm voice, “Ask him to come to see me when he is back.” Max looked at her and nodded gently. Nicole said nothing more She walked out into the rain toward the dormitory building Max took out his phone and called Jared after Nicole had gone out of sigh. “Boss, Nicole would like to see you.” Jared was talking to the blond man across from him. When he picked up the phone and heard what Max said, he was startled for a second before giving a hand gesture to the person in front of him, telling him to wait, and he walked aside.
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