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Chapter 38 The Wife Behaves Strangely Around Us

  • Wayne could not help but exclaim, “Nicole is so OP! Is she even a human?” There were also mixed feelings in Jack’s eyes. He casually asked, “Gary, even you could not defeat Nicole, right? No wonder she said she didn’t need your protection. She’s actually this tough!” They did not receive any response from Gary, so they turned to look at him. Gary, who was usually insouciant, was frozen with his gaze fixated on Nicole. It was as if he was stunned by her. Jack was startled for a moment. Then, he teased Gary. “Gary, are you fascinated by her?” It was only then that Gary came to his senses. Although he heard what Jack said, he did not bother to refute him. It seemed like Nicole did not need his help at all. At the thought of this, Gary’s eyes were tainted with ambivalence. He turned around and spoke to the two of them, “Let’s go!” Nicole did not notice the three of them leaving. She was looking down at those thugs with furrowed brows. ‘These boys are so incompetent. They are far inferior to the robot soldiers I trained, yet they have the balls to bully others?’
  • Nicole stopped thinking about these. She walked to the side to pick up her bag and then carried Bradley, who was still in shock. She was going to send him to the hospital. After that day’s chaos, Nicole was not in the mood to go for dorm viewing. She planned to head back to the Riddle family’s residence instead. She whipped out her phone and called the Riddle family’s driver to send them to the hospital. Nicole was still supporting Bradley. It was only when they had arrived at the school’s entrance that he managed to take a breather. He spoke with difficulty, “Nicole, thank you for avenging me. But you’re really good! None of them could defeat you!” Bradley sounded excited as he spoke. Nicole smiled indifferently. Bradley suffered because of her, so she would not let his suffering be in vain. As the two were chatting, the driver arrived. He was surprised to see Nicole looking shabby, but he did not comment or ask about it. Instead, he sent them to the best hospital in San Joto. During the consultation, Bradley was very reserved, as he had never been to such a top-tier hospital.
  • On the other hand, Nicole was expressionless. All she wanted was for Bradley to recover as soon as possible. He was such a bookworm. She hoped his injuries would not affect his revision for the upcoming test. Bradley saw that Nicole did not blink while she was paying the whopping medical bills. Then he looked at the Riddle family’s driver, who was running up and down. It was at that point that he realized Nicole’s family background was not simple. After the doctor left, Bradley pulled Nicole’s sleeve and said sorrily, “Nicole, I’ll definitely pay you back.” Nicole knew that although Bradley came from the well-to-do Robertson family, he was the second son who was not loved. The pocket money his parents gave him was not much. Hence, he could not possibly have money to repay her. Furthermore, the thugs were here for Nicole. Bradley was only dragged into this mess because of her.
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