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Chapter 58 The Wife Behaves Strangely Around Us

  • Nicole returned to her dorm room, handed her the meal she had brought for Lulu, and sat down to watch Lulu battle those keyboard warriors. Lulu saw Nicole was back and smiled at her. “Hey, you are back!” Nicole nodded. “Here you go. Eat it now, or it will get cold.” Lulu looked over her shoulder, and her eyes lit up when she saw the takeaway packaging. “ Nicole, how do you know that I have always wanted to try The Grove’s food? I tried many times but could not get a reservation. I didn’t expect it to be delivered today.” The corner of Nicole’s lips upturned as she said, “Try it quickly if you like it.” Lulu happily picked up a fork and tucked in while praising the chef, The Grove, for his cooking skills. Halfway through the meal, she slowed down and asked Nicole cautiously, “I know that Samuel and Spencer are your brothers, but rumor has it that they also have some connection with Snow and Raine. So you, Snow, and Raine are…” Lulu already had almost guessed it. It was just that she wanted to confirm it. Nicole said in a nonchalant tone of voice.
  • “They are my second uncle’s daughters.” Lulu’s eyes widened in astonishment. “You guys are cousins?” Nicole folded her arms, her eyes drifting into the distance. “Well, we are relatives, but we don’t know each other very well.” Lulu looked at Nicole and was stunned. No wonder Nicole looked a little like Snow and Raine. But Nicole was still much better looking than them. With Spencer and Samuel as her celebrity brothers and Snow and Raine – who were popular in school — as her cousins, Nicole had been low-key for so long. She never mentioned her family lineage Those gurus on the campus had found no useful information. Yet they boldly claimed that Nicole was a nobody. Lulu started to admire Nicole. But something came to mind, and she asked doubtfully, “Since Samuel is your brother, why don’t you tell everyone? Someone has posted a photo of you guys on the school forum. People say that you are dating two guys at the same time-“Lulu stopped abruptly. After all, she did not want Nicole to hear those nasty comments. Nicole thought for a moment and threw the phone to Lulu.
  • “There is a video that you may find useful.” At first, she had no intention of releasing the video clip. But now, she felt that kicking Ashley was too light of a punishment. Since it had implicated her brothers, she was not going to pursue the matter to the end. “What is it about?” Lulu turned on the phone and was stunned to see the video of Ashley being angrily reprimanded by her stepmother. “Oh my God! I didn’t expect that the bullying girl would do such a disgusting thing. Once this message goes out, no one will read my post.” With that, Nicole started to take off her coat. “Why didn’t I think of that? Nicole, you are so smart!” She had been arguing with people for hours but to no avail. She did not expect Nicole to solve the crisis after going out for just a while. “But don’t you really want to explain your relationship with Samuel and Spencer?” Lulu still hoped that she would tell the truth sooner so that her classmates would not look down on her. Nicole lazily leaned back in her chair, picked up a strand of her hair, and gently fiddled with it.
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