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Chapter 97 The Wife Behaves Strangely Around Us

  • Suppressing the gloom in his chest, he smiled coldly. “This is my establishment; of course I‘ll come when I‘m free.” His eyes were already attractive to begin with, and with them slightly curving now, they looked even more so. Nicole could not help but be dumbfounded as she looked at him. But as soon as she heard what he said, she frowned slightly. “Why do I feel like a CEO, like you have too much time in your hands?” Jared looked at Nicole’s cold, glistening eyes and did not say anything. He had sent someone to follow her earlier, and she very quickly noticed the person’s movements. If he had been a tad bit slower, he would have been caught by her. Not only that, but Claus also said that Nicole‘s senses against being followed were very keen, and she was definitely not just any student. Jared was very aware of how skilled his men were, and he thought that Claus almost fell victim to Nicole. A meaningless look appeared in his eyes as he looked at Nicole before him. The more he got in touch with her, the more he found her interesting. “Forget about that; order what you want.” Jared deftly placed the menu before her as a couple of stray hairs fell before his eyes, hiding the emotions in them. Nicole did not hold back either.
  • “A cup of cappuccino, thank you.” Jared looked into her eyes and couldn't help but chuckle. Although she had drank many of his coffees, the one she liked seemed to only be cappuccino. Jared immediately took the order; his poise was elegant, and his every moment was graceful. It had a noble aura that was preternatural. As Nicole looked at him, she felt that she was really blind. ‘Why did she get tangled up with this guy in the first place?‘ Letting out a sigh, she stopped bothering him as she walked towards her usual seat and pulled out her exercise books to work on them. Jared knew that she did not like him approaching her, so he could only look at her from a distance, with a tinge of discouragement in his heart. She was the only woman who did not proactively approach him, but instead she was revolted at the idea of him approaching her. At this moment, there was some commotion outside as a few students in the originally quiet cafe started whispering to one another. “Isn‘t that Austin Woods? Why is he here?” “Seeing that Nicole is here too, I guess he‘s here for “tuition“!” In an instant, many curious gazes came from across the cafe.
  • Nicole looked up slothfully, and the few Royal Creek Institute students quickly shut up under her rather emotionless gaze. They finally understood why so many were afraid of Nicole. A glance alone was enough to make someone not take a breath. If she were standing before them, they probably would have already turned around and fled. Nicole could not be bothered by what was on their minds. At this moment, Austin had brought with him his group of buddies, and the cafe was instantly overcrowded. When he saw Nicole, Austin’s eyes lit up. “Boss!” Nicole gave him a glance. “What‘s going on?” Why were there so many people here? Austin knew what she wanted to ask and immediately said, “Boss, this bunch here wants to listen to your lecture, so they came here themselves!” Everyone looked at him as he blathered about, not daring to speak up. They were clearly here because Austin wanted to make a grand scene for his boss, so that‘s why all of them had to come, and not a single one was exempt! They too had no idea if she was really going to teach them; going by Nicole‘s standards, would their total grades collectively fall by another twenty ranks? Austin did not care. He was already in last place anyway, so he might as well let Nicole do as she wished, but the rest of them still had a standard to uphold! When Nicole looked at the reluctant faces of these people, she said softly, “Those who want to say can stay, and I’ll help to the best of my ability.
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