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Chapter 99 I’ll Wait for You to Come Back

  • Feng Kaize still had many things to settle so he had to stay behind and oversee the battle, but it would be over soon.
  • There was still fighting going on, but it was clear that they were winning against the rebel troops. In order to avoid getting into any conflict with any desperate soldiers from the enemy side, Feng Kaize had chased Shang Qing to go back for a long time, and he had chased her many times now.
  • Shang Qing was packing her things, and Feng Kaize had to continue his mission, which was to send the last batch of firearms. The two of them would have to go separate ways, and Feng Kaize was very reluctant.
  • Why did this country have to go through civil war? If there was no war, wouldn’t this be a great time to develop their relationship?!
  • But if there was no war, then Shang Qing wouldn’t come. Besides, now Shang Qing was willing to give him a chance, so that was the greatest reward he received for coming here.
  • “Go back and wait for me!” Feng Kaize hugged her tightly. There was so much he wanted to say, but he suddenly didn’t know what to say when she was really leaving.
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