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Chapter 88 I’m Going to Save Some Lives

  • Shang Qing pursed her lips together and couldn’t help but ask, “Did something happen to you?”
  • Feng Kaize snorted, “What sort of question is that? What could happen to me?”
  • Shang Qing realized it was really a dumb question to ask. The Fengs weren’t just any aristocratic family – Feng Kaize’s father, Feng Sihai, was the richest man in the country, while his younger brother, Feng Wanguo, was a top government official. So the Fengs had money, people and power, and it was nearly impossible for anything bad to happen to Feng Kaize. And if it wasn’t for this incredible position of power and privilege, Feng Kaize wouldn’t have turned out this arrogant either.
  • Shang Qing felt a little relived, so her attitude became distant again. “If there’s nothing else then I’m hanging up.”
  • “Wait!” Feng Kaize was a little anxious and tried to hold it in, but he still asked anyway.
  • “You didn’t miss me even a little bit? Just a little bit?”
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