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Chapter 48 Forget It If You Don’t Believe Me

  • Shang Qing rubbed her eyebrows as if she was having a headache and said, “Let me think…so at first when you thought that the person in the footage was me, why didn’t I see you wail like this? Or could it be that because it was me, you were ok with it. But when you realized it was someone else, you became angry and preferred to insist it was my trap?”
  • Shang Qing’s words were sharper than knives. Lin Yishu was so angry that her lips trembled, but not a single word could come out.
  • But even though she couldn’t speak, Shang Baiqi could. Regardless of which daughter was in the footage, he was thoroughly embarrassed by what happened!
  • He shouted, “What you crying about! You still dare to wail and cry here? Qianqian, go back to your room now!”
  • Shang Qianqian cried even louder, “Daddy! You have to believe me! I only drank a glass of wine and this happened, I don’t even know how this happened!”
  • Everyone had mixed expressions on their faces – earlier in the footage, Shang Qianqian’s face was very red, but her words were clear and logical, and certainly didn’t sound like someone who had lost control of herself, who would believe this excuse?
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