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Chapter 38 Don’t Torture Yourself This Way Anymore!

  • Lin Yishu was right about one thing – she might really be mentally ill.
  • Feng Kaize came back to the scene of her sewing herself up, and the anesthesia in his hands was pointless now.
  • He could tell that Shang Qing was in pain, because every time the needle pierced her skin, she would purse her lips together tightly. Then when the blood stained thread came out from the other side, her body would shiver a little.
  • She could feel everything, but she was able to tolerate pain without making a single sound.
  • This new knowledge made Feng Kaize feel strangely uncomfortable. Shang Qing was never like this. She was strong willed yet fragile, stubborn yet weak, but now she had completely gotten rid of her weak side, and now she was just obstinate!
  • All this happened after that one fateful night. What was the story behind her body full of cuts and bruises that made her change so drastically?
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