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Chapter 9

  • /HIS POV/
  • One minute he's standing right in front of her and the very next, Damon heard her exhale, shivering as they took a step closer. His fingers trailed towards the hem of her shirt. For a minute, he couldn't believe it, hesitant and wanting to change his mind. However, her flushed face was very inviting, and he couldn't control himself. Not anymore. 
  • He gripped the waistband of her long striped pants and pushed them down.
  • The CEO watched in bated silence, the pounding of his heart growing deafening as the red lace was slowly revealed. Thong. Red, lace thong. 
  • "Fuck" He whispered, eyes glued to the sight of deep crimson against soft honeyed skin, the way the fabric sits snug over her legs. Damon was sure that Mia liked the feeling of the material though. 
  • Damon placed a hand on her upper leg, the tips of his fingers curling into the sensitive skin of her inner thigh and making his employee shiver again. 
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