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Chapter 10

  • Mia held her breath as she stumbled out of her boss office, aware of her appearance. She took her bag and threw the jacket over her shoulders, desperately trying to button it with her fingers that were also shaking. Her thighs were still sticky and damp as she had slid those pants on and marched out of his office with arrogance. 
  • Fortunately for her, Damon hadn't left yet, probably still standing in his office with a frown on his face at the way she behaved. No, she didn't even want to think about it, too busy staring at the elevator in front of her. 
  • She hoped that it would arrive before she had to see her boss again. Just thinking about his reaction made her shiver. 
  • Mia was trying not to think about what had happened, not until she left. She had let him eat her out, which also happened to be the most amazing orgasm of her life, and then left him with the worst case of blue balls a guy could have. If it were someone else's life, she would be celebrating and laughing a lot. Too bad it wasn't.
  • Just then, the elevator doors opened, making a loud ding sound. Cursing under her breath, she shuffled in quickly and pressed the button. Mia focused in utter concentration, watching as each floor passed before her eyes. How she managed to get down without screaming to herself was something she will never understand.
  • Storming straight through the cafeteria, she opened the metal door that led to empty store room and leaned against the wall, panting. What just happened? Mia took a breath and put her hands over her mouth. What was wrong with her? 
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