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Chapter 21

  • Mia gasped as the knock reverberated through the walls, the sharp sound echoing in her ears. In horror, she stared at Damon whose lips twitched but other than that he was calm. Did sex make men that stupid? She pushed him away and stumbled for the door when the sound intensified.
  • "Yeah?" She whispered, her voice thick. "Give me a minute." 
  • The realisation sunk in. Whoever was on the other side of the door could easily see her so dishevelled and so out of it and figure out. It wouldn't take a rocket genius. But still, she tried to sell it. Ducking away, Mia rushed to the washbasin and splashed cold water on her face, averting her eyes from the mirror in an effort to avoid seeing her red, swollen lips and glassy eyes along with that shameless glow etched across her face. Mia screwed her eyes closed, splashing cold water over her sweaty skin, exhaling roughly. She was aware of his heavy stare on her. 
  • For a second, Mia just stood there with water dripping down her face and bottom lip between her teeth. She's stalling. Mia couldn't help it alright. The thought of facing someone else on the other side of the door burned her. With a sigh, her eyes fluttered open, and she met her reflection. The blue of her eyes was sharp and heavy with emotion.
  • Reaching for the paper towel dispenser, she took a deep breath right as a jolt of shame filled her body. How could she lose control like that? She let her boss fuck her in a bathroom of his childhood home. His parents were sitting outside with a guy who wanted to date her. Thinking about that made her hands braced on the edge of the sink as the world spun.
  • She quickly yanked her clothes up in a daze, trembling, her vision went blurry with tears, the bright glare of the bathroom lights searing into her eyes. Her mind raced for another rational explanation, to just slow down and breathe, but she's spinning out of control. The walls were closing in on her, and her lungs heaved for air, staggering to the door because everything was closing in on Mia. 
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