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Chapter 31

  • /HIS POV/
  • It's relaxing, sitting in front of the fountain there, as the soft wind blowing past them as their company. Damon never thought he would be spending time like this with his assistant of all people. They have come a long way since they started, so it's not surprising to be sitting together. After gorging on the corn dogs, they decided to get the famous ice cream Mia has been raving about. 
  • The assistant wrapped her arms together as she stared at the afternoon sun. It's a scorching day compared to New York. 
  • "What's left on the agenda for today?" She lazily asked, turning her head towards him.
  • Mia was watching him expectantly as she licked at her cone. Whoever told that cone ice creams were only for kid didn't know what they were saying. Damon was trying not to stare at the way she flattened her tongue against the ice cream, but it's a bit distracting. 
  • He cleared his throat and dropped his gaze. Now was not the time to be thinking of anything else. Besides, they did have a few hours left before they board the private jet. 
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