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Chapter 19

  • "Good morning, sir," Mia said sweetly, biting on her tongue. If anything she wanted to yell at him at the way he handled the conversation the previous day. What was she expecting from someone like him? Of course, he was not going to tell his mother about their dirty secret. That shouldn't have bothered her in the least. 
  • After that heated conversation, she left his office, not ready to take more of him. No pun intended. Damon didn't need to see the rage she felt and the tears forming in her eyes. It's not like he promised her or anything. They didn't even talk about it, so he had no obligation to do anything about the date. 
  • Maybe it will be a nice change for her, after all. Mrs Rossi had an excellent taste judging her husband, of course. But also Mrs Rossi loved Damon, so it's going to be difficult to tell. Whatever. Mia can do it. Her friends have been bugging her for the same thing, so it's a win-win situation. 
  • Damon raised his head and looked at her suspiciously. "Uhh...Good morning, Miss Grace. You seem to be in an exceptionally cordial mood today. Got any new job offer?"
  • The corner of her mouth turned into a devilish smile as she met his eyes. "No new offers for me, sir. I'm just excited for today's dinner and also meeting my date. Mrs Rossi has a good eye, so I trust her."
  • Suddenly his face shifted, and her boss gritted his teeth. "Oh, right. Dinner. I had completely forgotten. Yes, you and Jake...Well, he's an unbearable one, but I'm sure that you two can find a spectacular love connection. Changing the subject, I would love a cup of coffee if it's not much a bother to you."
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