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Chapter 18

  • Mia woke up in a cold sweat, body heaving as she gasped out into the still room. Her fingers were trembling as they clutched onto the sheets desperately. It was such a stupid dream. She thought, squeezing her eyes shut, breathing in shakily and then out. In and out. In and out. 
  • When her breath evened out, she slowly laid on the other side of her body. Her head throbbed excruciatingly: another migraine. Mia slid out of bed and onto the floor, the hardwood cool beneath her bare feet. Rubbing her temples, she slumped in place, body swaying from dizziness. 
  • Her stomach twisted uncomfortably as she took a quick peek at the bedside clock. It's still five in the morning, the dim light from sunrise shining in from the open window and casting a low glow over her tangled sheets. She had an hour before getting out of bed, so Mia laid back, closing her eyes and thinking about the first day she met Damon. That fateful day! 
  • She was laughing about something with Jane, too zoned out to look around. They were talking about there will be the shift of power, and Mia remembered a great joke about it. And they couldn't hold their stomach.
  • Someone cleared their throat from behind. She froze in her seat at that. 
  • The new boss walked and stood in front of her. All traces of laughter vanished from her face the moment she saw him. 
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