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Chapter 14

  • Mia held her breath as he leaned down in front of her. His fingers dug in her taut thigh muscles, and he just pounced, licking up and down her opening. Damon licked her up again, this time flattening his tongue and pointing it against her clit at the very end. Mia's hips wiggled at the feel of it, chasing for anything more. 
  • The CEO indulged her, unable to contain his desires of placing his mouth on her and making her come from his tongue alone. His lips covered her pussy and sucked teasingly against her throbbing clit as he wedged a finger inside of her. Damons tongue weaved in between each of her folds.
  • "Oh, god!" She cried, her legs feeling weak and curled her fingers in his hair. 
  • The CEO kept on teasing her, flicking his tongue against her folds and then pressing it hard between them, licking a fat stripe from her hole up and stopping just short of her clit. He only parted to blow warm breath against her pulsing clit, his eyes meeting hers. Her boss must have gotten lost in it for a bit too long, because suddenly she hooked her knees over his shoulders and thumped his back with her heels, pulling in.
  • Damon grunted, the sound travelling to her south, completely overwhelmed when his whole face was shoved against her pussy, thighs clamped around his ears.
  • "You like that, kitten?" The CEO asked as he kissed her clit. "You like how I make you feel?"
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