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Chapter 34

  • /His POV/
  • As soon as Damon got back to his place, he had several messages waiting for him. The usual business stuff but the messages from Lily stood out the most. He couldn't ignore them. That's why he called her urgently, not caring that it was seven in the evening and she must be busy elsewhere. If she had to leave that many voice mails it must be important. 
  • Like he guessed she was busy and told him that she'd come the next morning with breakfast. 
  • Damon was jet-lagged, and he couldn't muster himself to call Mia, knowing very that his assistant was tired as well. She pointedly glared at him as they exited the aeroplane and asked him to let her rest. Last time he checked, she was the one who wanted to ride him during the journey. How was she blaming him for her fatigue? 
  • The CEO knew better than to argue, so he simply let that go and promised to see her next day in office. 
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