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Chapter 20

  • /HIS POV/
  • "Damon!" A loud voice echoed around the living hall and before he knew someone was pulling him in a hug. The CEO cringed at the sudden gestured, not used to the touch and took a step back. He noticed Mia's amused smile. 
  • "Wow, you're tall! Its been so long since we met!" The guy let out an obnoxious laugher, his perfect white teeth on display. 
  • Jake. His mother's friends son. His dirty blonde hair was slicked back, few loose strands falling on his forehead. He had a pointed nose and stormy grey eyes, almost dark under the lighting in the living room. Some would say he's handsome. 
  • Damon cleared his throat. "Yeah...Too long"
  • "How are you?"
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