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Chapter 15

  • /His POV/
  • As Damon walked back to his office, he realised that Mia had power over him, unlike anything he had ever experienced. He was naturally so drawn to her, and it felt impossible to resist her. Finally, in the relative safety of his office, he collapsed on the couch, a breath escaping his throat.
  • The CEO stroked his hair, throwing back the mess of sweaty strands, trying to calm down. Sweat clung at his neck, hyper-aware of what he did a few minutes earlier. Thinking about it only made his cock twitch.
  • From the second he entered his office for that morning meeting he spotted Mia. He was dumbfounded for a few seconds, staring at her as she leaned against the railing, her delicate fingers tracing the window panel. Damon tried not to make a sound as he was sure that she must be thinking the same thing. He was unable to form any coherent thoughts, let alone make an entire presentation.
  • He didn't know what came over him, but he had to remind her of their workplace boundaries. That's hypocritical considering he couldn't do it himself. At this point he was grasping at straws, asserting to be unaffected when in reality the situation was different. Oh, so different. 
  • A loud knock on the door startled him. Followed by another. And one more. He composed himself trying to put on his best face—no expression whatsoever. 
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